Technicolour Dreamboats

Exhibition: 10/12/18, Parish Hall, Reading.
1.8 x 1.6 metre sculpture, fabric, paint, canvas, string and wood.

The presence of a dense black structure. Four modular units stand tall; fabric boxes held together by a wooden spine. Light enters the open face of the cells, through to the narrow slits at the back which are only visible when unzipped. The boxes house paintings, mirrors and objects, responding to the perception of sensation, known as Phantom Limb Syndrome. Material from a dissected canvas painting stretches around the inner wall of one cell. Straight lines intersect across the landscape of the painting, interrupting a ghostly hand which floats on the surface. Towards the top of the structure, a striking yellow painting of a limb and a delicate fraying eye. Double vision, as their surfaces are reflected by nearby mirrors. Superimposed by the moving reflections from those interacting with the structure. Stringy networks drop out from the back of the structure, disconnected. A fifth box stands isolated from the main body. Open and exposed – looking down into the black box to catch a glimpse of two disconnected wooden hands. 

Installation shots

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