April 2020

Work in progress of ‘Fusion’ and installation experiments.
Video sound piece and installation.

Made in quarantine, at home. April-May 2020.

'IV. The Quarantine' - A new environment, the merging of internal and external worlds. The Body seeks to transfer to a host. Soon developing its own conscience, dreams and ability to project memories, its voice, a conjugation of noise observed within its environment, a series of sound bites. Stored, uploaded and synched, this data is communicated through a contrast of glitchy animations and close up sensory shots, heightened by language which directly addresses the viewer.
Soon to be...'Fusion'

Synopsis for ‘Fusion’

‘Fusion’ is a short sci-fi inspired fiction which sees the subject of the dialogue, a humanoid robot, undergo a series of changes. From its creation within ‘I. The Cell’, to medical and sensory experiments within ‘II. The Experiment’ and ‘II. The Body’. Within the final stage ‘IV. The Quarantine’, it develops power of speech to communicate consciousness through the visual transference of memories, dreams and observations.

The making of ‘Fusion’ (May 2020)

Film stills/GIFS

Installation experiments:

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