February 2020

‘The Body’
Installation with sculpture, sound piece and lighting.
Sculpture, 2 x 1 metres (fabric, PLA filament, canvas, string). Mirror installation, spotlights and cast shadows. Looped sound piece played through hidden speakers.

Presented within the Interim exhibition, University of Reading, 10/02/2020.

'III. The Body'- A full figure construction, with skin that is flexible and permeable.  Floating above ground, the figure slowly rotates to confront the viewer as they engage in a multi sensory experience. The sound of an ominous glitching heart beat echoes around the room, whilst spotlights cast multiple moving shadows across the surrounding space. The viewers double is projected and further distorted by a mirror installation which engages the viewers attention. The sensory qualities of the material body encourages the audience to participate in touching and animating its projected shadow. 

Installation shots:

Visitor interaction shots:

Details shots:

The following images demonstrate experimentation with documenting my installation using a 360 camera. This was done both during the exhibition period to document the wider room, including surrounding works from other artists and after the removal of these works to show only my installation. This allowed me to manipulate my installation digitally and experiment with creating an ‘impossible’ perspective.

360′ camera shots:

Audio sound piece:

‘The Body’ (February 2020). Audio sound piece played on loop to accompany the installation.
(visuals-only made by using https://musicvid.org and by creators: Big Wings – The universe within https://twitter.com/The_ArtOfCode)

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